exhausted :c I want to sleep and rest once and for all  

exhausted :c I want to sleep and rest once and for all  


Fuerza Valpo.


Fuerza Valpo.

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Working on my paper is hard on both of us.


Dualshock 4 rebelde e imperial
Rebel and Imperial Dualshock 4


Dualshock 4 rebelde e imperial

Rebel and Imperial Dualshock 4





Fucking shit

This is simultaneously cool-looking and absolutely terrifying.

i was like, ohhhh what adorable little - AHHHHHH NO






Fucking shit

This is simultaneously cool-looking and absolutely terrifying.

i was like, ohhhh what adorable little - AHHHHHH NO


the truth of things…

One thing that always disappoints me is the fact that person hides as if nothing had happened, she believes is innocent here…

when makes it one of the most terrible things all

I can not believe that person has changed so much

and follow lying primarily….

she told me “this is what you want?

if you do that you will be a stranger to me…”

that’s what you’re telling me?

so easy to forget that after a person changing to another?

but she is doing these things, not me…

she makes it all ends in the worst way and full of rage and anger

I just can not believe that…

I can not recognize a person who stood by me 1 year 

it acts in the best way to end

that fact hurts…

that deliver something that is not deserved…

I do not want to be with a person playing with my heart

and really does not care what happens to me

if true, would have considered me, you’d talked me what happens …

but you keep quiet and keep denying it

because in the end I said was true….

you played with me and making me believe that I was wrong…

when you have a new relationship until you do public and when we finished in less than 1 month …

with that face? she say this “I do it because I’m good person…”

why you keep giving so many incoherence?

I no longer will fall more in your games

I do not hate you

but you will hate me 

without the right reasons…



understand and realize all the stupid things you have done…

you disappoint me…

I never see you again in your life

because that’s what you want

not me

if not you would not have done all the stupid things you had done…

no you’d be defending the person who hates me….

you would not be with he…

but decided to stay with he
decided to defend him

I’m not stupid …
no more…

how you wish to continue to see you in my life?

when you’ve done all these things…

 all these things…

you said me

"Show a little common sense?"

common sense?…

that’s your excuse of things?

I promise with you

I was loyal…

all that I promised was true

but everything you promised me

were empty words….

how I can know that?

it’s pretty simple

for everything you’ve done you’re telling me that

because if there was something true…

you had done anything to fix all this

was not

you said I always thought of you

but that was a brutal lie


to think of you first before anyone

I thought of you … but you do not care about me

hopefully one day you realize those things

hopefully one day you realize that always had a good attitude

when you treat me so bad

your attitude ruined everything

your anger is turned off hopefully someday

you always will choose the easy way

instead of the right way of things!

The fight for the things!!!

instead of change them

I always keep faithful to the person who wants to be with me

but if you play with me and my heart

I’m sorry but

I’m out of your life

I deserve better than to be used and thrown away


I am someone who always had a good attitude to all …
always do the right thing and the good
eventhough it hurts a lot

if you know how to care for people like me

I’m wasting my time

someone who does not deserve anymore

hopefully one day you realize you lost…

a good person in your life

hopefully one day be someone who respects me and treats me as I deserve myself….

Semper fidelis

I am alone again…Journey Looking for a companion by ColeFreeman72
Love,Lost, the beginning, the end is new beginning…

*Always try to fix the problems, I was always romantic, always gave everything I could*

*but you give up so easily*

*2 months ago, she started not talking to me much, my heart told me that something was very wrong, I started to worry me more and more, to the point that I had nosebleeds, by stress of preocupason for her, the only thing wanted was to know was happening, but she did not respond me*

she: we must finish

me: why? what happen? You have not told me anything, what’s wrong? You have not told me these two months…

she:I want to be alone … to think about my life, my projects, my studies

me: that’s really what you want? that’s the reason? to finish?

she: yes…

*one day later* (this happens in a posting on facebook)

(He is a guy who does not like me and always a concern gender)

(she always spoke of that person, and that person hates me)

guy: you are the sandwich of my heart 

she:and you’re the fire that fuels my heart <3!

*that made me think she was dating that person and publish it while I was unfaithful in my relationship*

she: guy  is my best friend and you do not realize

me:nobody writes romantic things to another person especially when you end a relationship unless the day after, you wanted to think?

she:Now all your friends think I’m unfaithful

*hooo … maybe I’m wrong maybe I did a lot of damage to her…damage that Not gonna ever fix*

*spend a month of events tormenting almost died for it* (No Joke) 

*spill nosebleed, vomits every day, do not sleep (and still can not get to sleep) all that has happened since I did not speak and every time I worried more and was afraid to die *

*I had given her a very expensive thing to give my apologies for the error*

*and I said goodbye*

*after the month*

*she started a new relationship* she and the guy…

*It was in my life for 1 full year as a couple as a friend for over 6 years*

*and change me for someone she met in less than 1 year you transform your best friend and now he’s your boyfriend, the person who destroyed our relationship that made ​​you the ideas I was bad here?, defended someone you do not know do not even over 1 year, rather than who has been my most difficult times in your life, I could make you change and be happy…*

you broke my heart…, you almost kill me… for thinking really THINKING… that I made such a big hurt on you

she left me on the ground very down…

the human mind is very powerful to the point that will kill you…

that happen to me…

I am dead now…( thankfully not literally )

she kill me…

Let me tell you something you already know. The world is not only Sun and Rainbow. 

It is a bad and dirty place, 
I do not care how strong you are, you stop knees and leave you there if you let it. 
Neither you nor I nor nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. 
But this is not about how hard you hit 
This is how hard you hit, and keep moving forward 
How much can you take and keep moving forward. 
That’s how you win!

Pain is temporary. 
It may last a minute, an hour or a day, or even a year, 
But eventually calm down 
And something else to take his place. 
But if I surrender, last forever.

*This is not what I said I would do. This is what we speak, this is not the goal. This is not what I dream, this does not look like it should be*

There will be some moments that you want to quit, yes. There will be some times when it is impossible to look, you experience pain, disappointment you experience, you will say not worth it.
Yes, that will be there for you, it will be in your face, telling you to back off.
But do not let that distract distraction, right? You have to keep moving without stopping

separates what you do  who you are… 
I am a good person with a good heart, and I will continue to be what I am … but … now I will be better
the person who died was in that moment that love her, but now I am and I will be better than I was before, she lost a good person …

We’ve all made mistakes in life, we’ve all done some things, that if we were to do again would not do again.

Many things that if I were to do it again, if I knew what I know now, then I would have done differently. Well not step this way…

I did the best in the world, a person who destroyed me, I almost killed the person you love, the person who betrayed me…
if ever I get the opportunity to be with another person in my life again, that person never disappointed me, give you the best of me…

Many of us by our limited vision of us, many of us start to focus on the issues, and let us concern.

We started thinking that we have choices, we begin to believe that there is no output.

You can always give your best, you can always go beyond what you’ve already done.

I will the best of me since now on my life…

go to the gym I go up in weight and find strength, I will focus on the studies to be better each day of my life…

life is How much can you take and keep moving forward…

keep moving forward…


I want to know…

how it feels to be strong?